Monday, September 20, 2010

hallo. another blog without title. This morning, i was woken up 3 times before i actually woke up. =x So, do the usual stuff and then go downstairs.
When i went downstairs, i looked around for my sister. she was missing. then i thought.. oh she went for piano lessons. so i just do my normal stuff and then got ready to go to eewen's house for revision. Suddenly, from far away i heard my sister walking back home. I wanted to make a surprise, so i clicked my auto gate remote control and opened two gates to welcome her. but she wasn't surprise after all. haha. failed ==z.

So now im back at OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE again ==''
but this time, my dear promised to so called *BELANJA* me. hopefully when the bill comes, i dont need to take out my wallet. xDD

Signing Off,
12:19 PM

P/s : is quite hard to write a blog for half a day. im still on-the-way to writing an awesome blog which can attract people to come and read. ><''
Apology to those who feel dissapointed.

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