Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well. 922 is quite someday.

The next day of today would be my day. Sorry if you're confused.
haha. Its my sister birthday anyway.
When the clock struck 12. i went knocking on her door.
Then I opened and saw that she was hiding under her blanket. but from the angle of me standing at my door, i can see that her phone was moving. so i guessed she haven't sleep.
So I said, ei, so early sleep liao? your birthday la wei. wake up for awhile. got something to show you.
then she drag herself up from the bed, slowly walked towards my room. i took her blanket, covered it over her head and then passed her her birthday present. =)

She was under the blanket of course, and I asked her to take her hands out to hold the new bag she had been wishing for. LOL. Then she started going OH MY GOD. like so many times. ==''
But she remained under her blanket and saying her OH MY GOD and not opening the present. LOL.

So I said, take off the blanket and open and see la. My brother was sleeping like a log down there. lolz.
I tried calling him, he did not woke up. *Sighs*
Waaaaa. I quickly took my camera to record video of her opening up the present. she then changed her OH MY GAWD to WALAO WEH. and suddenly said, really or not? Or (this bag) for you one?

She then said thank you. and wanted to hugged me. i quickly ran away. I guess i was shy. >w<''

anyways, we then went knocking on my parents door. reporting to them that it was thier daughters birthday. mum was asleep and dad was reading e-book. lolz.

quickly i went to facebook to gratz the others who was having birthday on this day.

=) mine's tomorrow. but i have to celebrate it with a exam. Nahhhhh, used to it already. no hard feelings sam. =))

thats all,
So much of the enjoyment of giving people gifts. hahas.

Jean, Sweet 14 Birthday to you.

Signing Off,
12:17 a.m.

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alex said...

awww... so sweet~