Monday, September 27, 2010


Hmm. since I've asked eewen to personally write her diary.. so i should also keep it up. haha.

So today was a long day. a little longer than usual.
The reason was... last night, Me, Eewen, Wei Pin, Fook Wah went to Alamanda, Putrajaya.

not much prove we went to Alamanda, Putrajaya. but hey, there's this photo of yogi that I've took.

Anyways, We enjoyed the movie seriously, basically because the seats were PERFECT!

They were the seats which were always booked and before that I did actually reserved tickets with the tele-reservation service but it was due. so WTH? haha. grab on to the PERFECT seats and enjoyed the movie till 12.30 in the morning. =)

check it out here ^^

nice nice. =)

So continue my day, watched movie.. bla bla. went home quite late. chit chat with eewen till around 1.30. then reached home around 2am.

The next morning, 6a.m. climb out of bed, and then quickly rushed to get eewen and sent her to KL Sentral.
Honestly speaking, the time passed supper fast until we reached KL Sentral and dropped eewen off to catch her train back to Butterworth. At that very moment we hugged, the time slowed down.........

I Miss You. T.T

The other part of the day was boring. Till evening, when my dad came back from WBC (World Buddhist Conference) in KL, and after dinner too, we went down to Shah Alam to pick up my Grandmum. =)
Now she's in my house and I think she's gonna stay for 2 weeks or so. YAY! Yummy GRANDMUM Home Cooked FOOD! THanks Grandmum in Advance! xDD

P/s: Grandma - My Dad's Mother, Grandmum - My Mum's Mother 

So well, tomorrow will be a big day. maybe a long one. working tomorrow! YAY! in a few ways. Noo~ in another way. This is how I feel now...

1. If I go to work, I'll get salary. YAY!
2. If I go to work, I'm doing something useful and not wasting my holidays. YAY!
3. If I go to work, I'll gain more experience. YAY!

1. If I go to work, I'll have to work for 12 damn long hours. BOO~
2. If I go to work, I'll have less freedom to enjoy and relax during my holidays. BOO~
3. If I go to work, I'll have to be more responsible, wake up in the morning early, sleep early at night. etc etc.. BOO~ 

I want to. and I have decided.

so CIAO~

Signing Off,
12:51 a.m.

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