Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Tuesday~ >.<

WOah.. today ah?
Wake up quite late leh.. So rushed when taking bath and such.. hehe.. Since last nite was busy blogging.. after switching off the computer I straight away went to bed. I actually forgot to pack my bag... >.<
Then I went to school, with the bread in my mouth, socks wearing half way, and necktie in my pocket.. However I still managed to wear all and finished my bread before going into school. ^^ (Lucky Me)

Went in the school hall and then went back to class... Then, one of my friend (yu chuan) said to me that Physics tuition later at 2pm was cancelled.. I asked him why.. He asked me: didn't you receive Mr. Poon's(physics teacher) message?
Thinking of my handphone.. I said: no? he did not send anything to me also... He then said :OK, so now I tell you.. Later no tuition..

o.O That means IM FREE!!hahhaha... Suddenly I thought of my Time Table which my dad forced me to planned out.. On it, it should be *Tuition Physics* and if there is no tuition.. then have to have self study (physics) .......
argh.. I did not do as it said.... Instead.. I played computer..

*POP*!Suddenly I thought of my handphone.. I remembering it ringing and gave a warning of low battery.. *GAWD* It most probably ran out of battery.. =.=
I turn to my back and asked another friend (jin chong) :around what time did Mr Poon send the sms? He said: around 10pm..
o.O O.O? my phone.. *kong out*... thats why it make sense now that I din't know that there is no tuition...

After one period of Moral Lesson, we were asked to go to the seminar room to listen to a talk on technique on how to answer moral question..
Frankly speaking, It was totally boring.. =.='' I can feel sleepy/and tried to sleep even though I sit infront of the teacher... (you can imagine how boring)

after that was normal..
recess... then bm with no teacher.. then bio.. then history.. then bio..

after lunch, I walked back home... It wasn't very hot... hahhaah...
at home, I tried the new game.. It was fun.. Althought the interface was like other
3-D games in malaysia.. I find that the storyline of ~*赤壁*~ is fun.
It talks about history of CHina? haha...

At night, the add maths tuition was intresting...
(teacher taught us the new chapter of A.M -Probability Distribution)
Then, he gave us some form 4 question from his school. It was mind sickening for me.. whereas other was doing it like a piece of toufu..

sad.. I decided that I would bring to school tomorrow and asked a few question with Johnry.. ^^

thats all,
logging off

Meaningful Monday


Boring loooohhh!!!
Today like normal.. Go to school.. Come back from school..
Go for tuition... Come back from tution...
Then, sleep at night..



okay.. Checklist.
What I did/happened today?
1. Promised Sze Ern (new Ketua/Head of APD)that Im gona meet her and pass her somethings...
2. Meet with Kah Hang (new Ketua/Head of Informasi/information) that Im gona help him do some computer stuff..
3. A nice chat with my classmate (Chiao Yee,Jane,Wei Pin,Jiunn Jien,Zi Xian,Fook Wah) during pj lessons at the basket ball court. >.< (when we should be exercising)
4. Went back to class to learn boring additional Mathematics.. = 3 =
5. Continued on with no bm teacher in class,sleepy Biology class,and Lame Chinese class.. *Shucks*
6. At home,tried to repair my Windows Vista skin on my PC which runs on Windows XP >.<
7. Download a new game.. (halfway)
8. When for tuition.. !!Wasn't Late!! ^^

Let me have a dirty laugh *Muahahahahaha*!!
No more duty!Yes!!No more things to do with library!! Yess!!
But still have to teach both my new Ketua~ >.<'' (Gambateh oh you two!!)

After the boring assembly (which took around 45 minutes due to giving out prizes to students who won in various competition..)*Gratz*,
I quickly ran out of the hall to get a gasp of air.. *breath in**breath out*.. *ahhh* It wasn't stuffy today in the hall.. ^^

then, I went to the library... as I said in my checklist.. I met with the new Ketua (Sze Ern) and teached and pass her things.. (hope that she's happy always)
Another thing I did was finding the lost wire of the computer haha.. Couldn't find it.. so.. just took the wire from a unused computer and plug it over to the one in need..
haha.. (Library Computer Sucks) ~.~:

After that and that,the first and second period was PJ a.k.a. Sports Activity? (Will Find out the word) >.<
The boys was as usual, played basketball whereas the girls played badminton in the hall..
However, I did not join any of them instead I had a nice long chat with my other friends nearby the basketball court. One of my friend just bought a new Handphone and the topic was about handphone..

(Don't ask me.. I haven't been thinking of changing one yet) ..
Phone models which they said:

.Sony Ericsson.
.W910 .
.K810 .
.W990 .
.W800 .

(Some of them still around 1k above leh!! WHere got money to buy ("= 3 =) )

okok, skip the classes..
Before leaving school, my friends (Wei Pin, Fook Wah a.k.a. Johnry) introduced to me a new chinese game in conjunction with the new movie released in the cinema.
~*Chi Bi*~*赤壁*~ <<(Judging by the name it really looks intresting >.<)
At school, they were chatting all away about it and I was like ?huh? Then I asked.. What game izit? Nice?
Y.K.W.??!! I was slapped with the words of my friend..
He said: Aiyah,Chinese game lah~ You duwan to play one lah!!


Chinese game then I canot play lah? Chinese then I dont like lah?
(Sad case (T.T) )
(He doesn't understand me.. Im cool with it)
(one thing I think he should learn is.. Do not underestimate people.. It hurts!! T.T)

back to the game...(I'll get the link here when Im free) ^^
SO, after lunch in town, I went to the shop selling games..
I thought I could get the game for free since it was on beta test..
Y.K.W.? They were selling at Rm2 per piece! OMG!!
(DUe to petrol price hike I guess hahaha..)
There and then I did not buy...
(decided to go back and download rather than wasting money for it)

Reaching home, I switched on my PC straight away.. I was sad when I saw my Sidebar (Windows Vista Skin) gone haywire~ T.T It suppose to show clock,and stuff like WMP,Recycle Bin.. But it was empty..
SO i start repairing it while downloading ~*赤壁*~

Then, around 4pm.. I went for tuition... Before going into the building.. I went to a pharmacy nearby to buy a coffee (Nescafe) ^^ to drink while class is on.. And the result of drinking is NOT SLEEPING IN CLASS!!! IT WORKS!!hahaha!!!

What happened after that was like as usual. Came back from tuition.. Helped mother in the kitchen..
Dinner.. Study then
here blogging >.<..


Signing off

another day >.<

shit! Shit! Shit!!!!!!!!


Sooooo sorry blog.. Not that i forgot about you..just that.. many many things happened..I cant post a new title everyday but i will update it >.< I PROMISE!

So, let me just roughly tell what happened on Friday(The Day Before Yesterday), Saturday(Yesterday) , Sunday (Today)

Im a librarian for five years already. Serving almost nearly five *big, long, boring, happy, exciting, etc-etc* years..


Friday was really execiting!I woke up, got ready for everything.. and then, i took my laptop, some disc and a microphone and brought it to school.
Before leaving, I went to the nasi lemak stall and ordered or booking for 16 packets of nasi lemak for the following day.
Well! The following day was actually my school library committee Annual General Meeting~ (WOOTz)so, after the boring lessons,the classes just ended in a blink of eye. I had my last meeting with the librarians in school.
What I felt was abit of sadness but somehow happy.. or maybe its like *~the cry of joy~* some sort of stuff like that..
It was really soooooooo awesome..
When the Head librarian gave his speech, I thought that I wanted to give a short speech too.. I wanted to tell what was in my heart. I wanted to let everybody know.. But somehow.. Its kinda funny.
And hey! its a formal meeting.. so, on second thought, I said to myself that I will do it the next day.
I stayed back at school after the meeting.. and started preparing for the AGM << annual general meeting in short.
It was really *HU-HA*.. how to say it..
We started off by clearing up and arranging the tables in the library.. bring in things/materials to decorate the library..
I was in charge of the audio system (as always) and it was done quite fast Thanks too all that helped me.. ^^ (I really appreciate it)

Then came a problem.. We (me and my friend benson) needed Adobe Photoshop cs3 extended edition to edit some of the photos.. and Dang! we couldnt find the crack for it..
If we could have just a little more time.. THEN THE PHOTOS will BE A W E S O M E !!!What a waste..
From the photos, we made slide show for the AGM... Its cool.. hehe.. but didnt managed to finished it that day..

and Y.K.W.? We actually stayed at school since school dismissed that is 1200pm till 7pm.. Of course there are some of us that went back early as their parents wouldnt alow them to do so..
I consider myself lucky that I stayed at school till 7pm and when I reached home.. My parents didnt even ask about me missing for seven hours..
FUUYOH!!(I did not told them that I was staying back at school ok)

So the day ended when I almost finish my slides in the laptop in my room..

Lesson of the day:
Never do things last minute.. (eg: find crack for A.Photoshop cs3 )
You are not lucky everytime.. (eg: not telling your parents where you go or what time you're coming back)



Let me write the time table 1st. >.<

6am -wake up
7am -reach school
8am -last minute work on slide
9am -start the AGM
10am -AGM
11am -AGM
12pm -AGM(lunch)
1pm -AGM(continued)
2pm -AGM(almost finished)
3pm -AGM(finished) (Thank GOD)
4pm -Back Home
5pm -Yoga (Corpse Post a.k.a. sleeping)
6pm -Sleeping
7pm -Barbeque (at Benson's Grandma House)
8pm -BBQ
9pm -BBQ
10pm -BBQ
11pm -BBQ
11.30pm -Home
12am -finally sleep~

I Woke up as early as 6am which I usually DONT DO!!Quickly packed my stuffs such as laptop,wire,camera...
(Before I continue.. Let me just quote from what my friends say about me.. ^^)
(Pro la you.. At home what also got Laptop, *Camera,Computer,Video Cam..*)
Thanks guys.. but I dont think I've reached at the level that I have gadgets on hand..
There are other people that for example *You name it I have it* leh...
but thanks again.. XD

7am -reach school with 16 packets of nasi lemak, a bag full with gadgets,and my CPU..
Look like a dummy walking into school holding all the stuff.. argh.. and wearing uniform.. *OH MY*
Started by setting up my CPU and laptop and continued my work on the slide.. finished before 9am.
It was HOLY!! But it did not went well.. Shucks!!Many people laughed when watching the slides.. hehe...

During agm, I was under alot of pressure..
After years sitting infront and waiting for the agm to finish was like terribly loooooooooong... but being a person to get ready/organize AGM and working while people are enjoying is soooo FAST!!
How to explain.. urmm.. in short.. the time is longer when waiting for the results and time is faster when you are working..
althought is was fast (for me) I think that the agm was smooth..untill the last part where we start choosing the admins (pusat) I find that it was abit upside down inside out? Blur blur dono wat to do sort of that stuff..

Am I blubbring to much already? >.<
okok.. I take the post as Ketua APD (Alat Pandang Dengar) which take cares of stuff like P.A. system.. Radioes,Mic,and stuff...
So after one year.. I have to step down... and pass the post to the next person..
how tooooooo explain la.... >.< >.< >.<
I think just skip that..
Next was the prize giving for the form 5 librarians... prize such as *The Coolest**The Most Fierce**The Most Handsome/Cute**The Most Stupid/Funny* and many more.....I got the prize of the most funny (in chinese ??))which I didnt know the meaning till I find the meaning in the dictionary... I was like a dummy when I receive the prize.. LOL!!

SO much for the day..
Then, after the AGM.. I went back home.. and did (Yoga- Corpse Post) which my mum likes to say.. for 2 hours.. I really tired out...

Then I went to the wonderful BBQ party I would call it the Post Mortem Party.. ^^
Took alot of picture and videos with all my librarian friends.. hehe..Will post them here soon..
It was a really LONG but memorable day for me.. Many things that happened canot be explained in words here...

I would want to thank all my PPS buddies for supporting me and being so nice to me all these years..
Sorry if i made you guys angry/sad.. and hope that you will forgive me..
and Sorry to xiao chun and kar wei for not putting your liu yen in the slide show...


Woa.. Sunday (Today)
My dad woke me up at around 7+ today..
My head was still spinning and thinking about the AGM...
Somewhere in my heart I wanted to cry.. But my brain told me that it's not worth crying..
Im no longer a pps today! Im no longer serivng my school! Im no longer a commitee member!

I went for teakwando later on.. and teakwando too had the AGM.. I was holding the post of treasurer in the club.
Thanks to all the members of teakwando club the T-Shirt project was sucessful. When I first became the treasurer of this club, the money was only RM4.80!!!
(What a BIG amount)
NOW!! Its RM253.00!!! WOOTz!!!
So.. the agm started after 45minutes of training.. haha..Then i passed my post to another person to take over..

and im free again.. Free from everything now..


after that, I went for extra physics class tution at excel tuition center for one and a half hours.
Again! I felt sleepy and was like fishing halfway through the class.

I should drink coffee i think.. to prevent this from happening..

then the day just ended like normal..
took a nap..
woke up.. and helped mum in the kitchen..
ate dinner..
and then did cleaning up..
and then in my room...
thats all i guess..

Long and wonderful weekend.. (canot be explained by words)Cool,Exciting,Awesome,Sad,Happy,Mixed Feeling but FREE!!!

Concentrate on studies now dannysam..
Aim your target! Do IT! DOnt talk And Not Do iT!

signing off,
dannysam 11.32pm 20th july 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Proposal Daisakusen プロポーズ大作戦 (求婚大作战)

Title: プロポーズ大作戦
Title (romaji): Proposal Daisakusen
Tagline: Operation Love

Genre: Romance
Broadcast network: Fuji TV

Episodes: 11
Viewership ratings: 17.3 (Kanto), 17.2 (Kansai)
Broadcast period: 2007-Apr-16 to 2007-June-25
Air time:
Monday 21:00
Theme song:
Ashita Hareru Kana by Kuwata Keisuke
Insert song:
Chiisana Koi no Uta by Mongol 800 (ep2, 8)

Yamashita Tomohisa as Iwase Ken

Nagasawa Masami as Yoshida Rei

Fujiki Naohito as Tada Tetsuya

Eikura Nana as Oku Eri

Hiraoka Yuta as Enokido Mikio

Hamada Gaku as Tsurumi Hisashi

Mikami Hiroshi as the Yosei/Fairy
Matsushige Yutaka as Ito Matsunori
Yamazaki Shigenori as Minorikawa Junzo
Morimoto Leo as Yoshida Takanori
Miyazaki Yoshiko as Yoshida Reina
Watabe Gota as Socrates
Hara Fumina as Matsuki Yuko
Kikuchi Kenichiro as Nishio Tamotsu
Traore Issa (トラオレ・イッサ) as the marathon runner

Synopsis Iwase Ken and Yoshida Rei have been friends since elementary school. Ken, is obstinate and unskilled in love, but he fell long ago for the lively and cheerful, Rei. But Rei is about to get married to another man. While Ken and other friends from high-school attend the wedding ceremony, a fairy appears and sends Ken back in time, giving him a second chance to win the girl he loves.

sources from :


A new site.. And its COOL!!

hehe.. decided to change my blogsite..
from to this now..