Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ish... tuesday... T.T

Testing.. One Two.. Three..

OWh!! Colour font? never thought of it..

eeyer.. today hor.. whole day like rainy rainy nia..
2am rain so heavily.. i faster wake up switch off air-cond.

Dunno.. Dunno.. Dunno.. What to say...
Just feel like saying sumthing here today.. but cant spit out the words..

At school.. So boring la..
1st period was moral then EST.
EST was funny!!
Teacher came into class, sat down at the table and discussed some paperwork.
Then, she went to the board and wrote something.
Suddenly, I saw fw (sitting beside me de friend) laughing like hell. I also dunno what happened.
I ask him lo.. He said.. teacher never button up.. can see inside..
Really let him *zha dao*
Then my friends around know liao.. all start laughing..

then after that chinese class then recess.

after that was boring boring boring..
After recess, many people started doing sejarah.
Then after one period of bm, it was sejarah.
The very surprise thing was...
Everybody do untill want give up liao.. but still continue doing.. and then somebody came into class..
and told us that teacher not coming into class.. and as the class monitor go and take the answer paper and write it on the board..
I LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH at my friend.. hahahaha...

arghh.. no mood to write la..

afternoon tuition.. night tuition..
boring boring boring... ........

signing off,

Saturday, August 23, 2008

16th Hari PPS

wah.. damn long never come here liao ah

lazy.. la... >...<

okok.. for the 16th Hari PPS...
These are what I Personally Think..

Its memoriable,awesome, fun! It also comes with boring, cold and some other stuffs.

Well, To tell the truth.. This one week holiday.. I had only plan to come for this Camp.. and it was really exciting!!

I think, compare myself to the others(Form 5).. Im not so dissapointed la..
People tend to make mistake!! I make mistake~ you make mistake..
So why cant.. i mean why? I don't even know why are they showing faces and stuff like that. *pif*
all I know is im here to enjoy and I really did.
No offence guys, but I really think so~!!

Okay.. Going into THEME~ Hari PPS Theme leh~ Umm.. 16th Hari PPS theme is called **Still Fantasy**
haha... Giving a theme or making a theme is about creativity. haha.. I think that the cloth (布条) is NICE!
The title drawn on it was so sooo creative!! Wew Wiit!! >.<
More colour will be nice nice la I think~
hehe.. But of course.. like the others said.. remember it has to be explained. The meaning of it..
(This is to all PPS)

OWH!! The GAMES!! Awesome lah!! If it was me.. I wouldn't have the brain to think those such fun creative game!!!
Being a ketua riadah myself(for last year)... I actually did many LAST MINUTE THINGY.. >.< I suck.. >.<
and I was totally following the pattern of the timetable from the early years.. starts with station games..
Then telematch.. then treasure hunt! OUCH! Really.. la... Compare to this year.. I... think.. that it is really cool!
A new pattern is born and of course.. the next generation.. or the next ajk's of hari PPS will improved on what had been done
this time~!! NICE JOB!!
For the games, 喂?? I think that.. If the game that is something normal and boring wouldn't let them remember of this Hari PPS.
With the 喂 game leh.. They will sure remember and shall never forget it! I AM VERY SURE TO TELL YOU THIS!!
I THink! No 喂 = No Fun! For the necktie issue.. We were told Not to use~ and I think its something corre
If the necktie cant be washed.. then teruk liao lo.. Dirty liao not nice lo.. hehe..
(This is to Jia Jun)

I don't really have any much comment on the praying stuff. NO offence on the praying..
If you ask me.. These two years.. no matter for what camp la.. We also do the same thing..
So.. Do whatever you think is right! okay? ^^
(Kian Ann)

WALAO EH!! 1st I want say is.. YOUR COMPUTER SO NICEEE!!!!!
and hor.. you got so many chinese songs.. >.< (Which I don't really have so many)
Nice JOB la!! You do things so quickly and so efficiently..
What you did.. I personally think that it was better compared to me.. (again)
Mics are labeled.. Wire are enough.. Not much problem with the audio stuff..
haha.. Nice!! Nice!! ^^ (Chim Yoong & Chuan Da)

Keselamatan~~ They were in the right time at the right place!! A few of them were hurt and they were quickly cured with the
professional St. John~ hahhahaha... You were in the library.. So cant really blame you.. But you did ok la! haha...
(Chuan Da)

Perasmian.. umm..
I think that is was actually simple and nice.. Teacher did agree so is not your/ you guys de fault.
The word is big and attractive~ haha..
(Sze Ern, Yi Ying, Yuan Bin)(not Yin Yee cause didn't see you leh!)

Cenderamata! WAH!! I got see somewhere before how to fold the (..) or its called windmill rite?
I don't know la.. >< I think its nice and I don't think its a waste of time!! What I can see is the Heart or the effort put in making this (..)
SO.. don't feel sad.. I think its nice.. I keep blowing it.. heheheeh....
(Mei Xin, Shu Lin, Choon Nam, Jen Ny, Seng Hua) Well done hor!! ^^

Umm.. Risalah and tag nama..
You all very geng la!! Do so mannnnnnyyyy Mannnnnyy Manynynyny... in such short time..hahaha..
Risalah.. Simple and nice.. and Really not bad la.. I promise to keep it as long as possible okay? ^^
Tag Nama.. Is the little thing a bao? dao sa bao? or kaya bao? >< hahahaha.. Thx a draw mine so cute...
Love it.. ^^ Remember that copy is right! Last time de got string and then tie it this time why cannot? its practical ma..
(Shu Cheng, Melissa,Wai Mun,Choy Yen, Li Ping,Ley Hoong, Shi Han,Shi Hui)

Camera so canggih!! and you guys really hardworking.. haha..
every station (when playing telematch) always can take picture.. ^^
Nice.. And hor Make sure my picture nice nice de a.. hahahahaha..
If geli please delete leh.. ><
Well Done~~
(if can hor.. next time don't allow the small one bring their camera)(it will spoil your business) XP
(Wai Mun & Choy Yen)

I really know one thing you mc are good at.. That is telling cold jokes..
*brrrr* *aahhh Chooo*
don't so cold laa.. *ahh Chooo*
haha.. but it did not made me boring... ^^
(Mei Xin, Seng Hua, Sze Ern, Yi Hang)

food~ Makananananan
yummy and delicious!! The drink is so icy cold and the food is so warm.. nice nice~!!
I think just a little salty salty.. but then drink water liao then ok lo..
Yaw Char Guai~!! Yummy~~
(Li Ping, Seng Hua, Ah Pang)

Pementasan.. Stage~
I think that the dancers really dance out their strength.. Some can even pengsan hor..
But they very happy and tired (I can see) when they dance finish.. haha..
Dance Night.. The opening Ceremony was Fuuyoh.. Kah hang and jia jun.. =.= really geng..
WHen im free i want to learn abit abit ha.. teach me okay?
And of course.. Thx for letting the form 5 come out and dance.. if not they will just continue their show face thingy..
haha.. I really did enjoyed just by looking at you all dancing.. my leg also feel like melting.. >.<
the form 3,2,1 was also good.. creative.. hahaha..
(kah Hang & all the Dancers)

To Xue Ni~
Sry la.. your Position high that is involve everything ma rite? Haha..
What I think is.. Xue Ni and Kian Ann worked very hard.. hehe..
Without them neh.. no more *Funtasy* Loh!! >.<
Xue Ni leh.. during the whole duration that time.. I only can see her face very red..
Got a few words on her face also.. (same as others)
1. Tired
2. Feel like fainting
Rite rite? Haha..
But really nice la.. you all did a wonderful job~

T-Shirt design..
YENG LA!!! I think that the black one nicer.. >< Its abit pricy.. if can find abit cheaper one then better..hehe..
just suggesting la.. white one nice.. but I was surprise with the big big pps and yuhua logo on the sleve.. O.O
hahahaha.. But then show off ma.. Yeng also la..~ Thx Thx..

Kad Jemputan..
If you ask me.. I would tell you that I didn't know that you have to send invitation for form 5.hehe..
Its just a slight mistake. Those form 5 didn't have to scold untill like that de ma.. =.=
I think that E-Mail is another new way of contacting ex-ajks. But also.. the old mathod is always better to use. ( i think la)
Call them.. inform then.. or even make a card to invite them. 04/05 06/07 all lo.. the more the merrier~

about the form 6 or ex-ajk,
Dun forget about them owh.. (duwan to give comment about this)
but remember to give them t-shirt which has been a tradition.. and let them go and speak a few words or stuff like that..
maybe some will like to dance or present somethings.. hahaha...

All in all.. I know you all tried your best. The very best.
Well done and great job! Keep up the good work loh.
If you ask me.. I know de.. Sure got bu shuang form 5. But I really hope that you all will gambateh!!
(don't bu shuang me okay ><)
Now take a good rest.. rest.. and rest..haha..
Drink water also.. alot.. =.=

P/S: if my chinese word is wrong please tell me.. >.<
thats all,

saturday school long time ago~


Often feeling down these days.. Feel like something.. Unexplainable..
=.= Mix feeling (- w -)
For thursday and friday, I think I wont want to post anything..
(actually I forget what happened)

I've been asked by my heart...
Are you prepared?
What are you going to do?
I know you're gona miss school,but do you want to stay at school longer?
Will you meet your (fun,annoying,exciting,bothering,friendly,fierce,proud) friends again?

These sort of question keep poping up in my mind..

I feel like crying... T.T
Its gona end.. soon... not very long from now...

I wont be studying in schools anymore soon...
I may not meet my friends soon...
I may not have the chance to walk this path again...
Its history.. Its everything,every second, every moment that makes history and thats what you are made of.


Today was sickly..
I promised myself last night that I will go to school and appreciate my time in school..
(You'll only get to go to school to study 3-5 times every year)
I've kinda regretted now for not going into class and spend time with my friends..

instead, I used my time helping teacher with the printing of certificate for oral tests.
Althought I feel that helping teacher is a fun and intresting thing.. I've kinda regret..
Friends.. I left my friends there.. and Me! not being in class with them..
Komenasai- Minna~ T,T

but then, I manage to finish it after recess so I went back to class.
and Y.K.W. , my class have only 5 students left.
(The attendence for saturday is always little...)

6 of us,(including me) went for bio class. We asked teacher to help us do revision on cell division chapter 5 form 4 biology.
Very surprisingly, teacher said.. *AH SAM, you started doing revision already ah?*
lols.. haha.. really LOL... I've been going for this bio tuition class at my mums friends house..
so maybe it really helped me.. Thanks teacher,and mum.. ^^

After that, it was chinese lesson. Since not many students were around, teacher did not teach..
haha.. how boring a saturday school replacement it can be...

Thats all I guess,
I feel so much better after writing all it down here..
*standing at one corner* *emo-emo-emo*

signing off,
sad dannysam 11.32pm July 26

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Soooo sooorrryyyy......


Im a useless crap...
Said want to be responsible..

how many days I did not come and post already?!!

gawd.. sorry..