Tuesday, December 7, 2010



Exactly wat ewen always say about me. INCONSISTENT. *sobs*

last post was??? 27/9/10?
A New start again.

Nothing much to write this time.
Having my exam soon. exactly 1 week from now. Management Paper that is.
I must at least get 60 marks and above to pass. so study should i be.

take a short time to blog also lor. =)

Btw. 9/12/10 2 days from now it will be exactly 15 months-versary... *me and my sweet dear* kekez.

Planning on something big. WHICH I WILL NOT TELL. and *cross fingers* i hope it would be smooth. =X

(A photo of me and dear at early Xmas Parteh in Campus) xD

Thats all on my mind,
Signing Off,
10.35pm 12/7/10

Monday, September 27, 2010


Hmm. since I've asked eewen to personally write her diary.. so i should also keep it up. haha.

So today was a long day. a little longer than usual.
The reason was... last night, Me, Eewen, Wei Pin, Fook Wah went to Alamanda, Putrajaya.

not much prove we went to Alamanda, Putrajaya. but hey, there's this photo of yogi that I've took.

Anyways, We enjoyed the movie seriously, basically because the seats were PERFECT!

They were the seats which were always booked and before that I did actually reserved tickets with the tele-reservation service but it was due. so WTH? haha. grab on to the PERFECT seats and enjoyed the movie till 12.30 in the morning. =)

check it out here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legend_of_the_Fist:_The_Return_of_Chen_Zhen ^^

nice nice. =)

So continue my day, watched movie.. bla bla. went home quite late. chit chat with eewen till around 1.30. then reached home around 2am.

The next morning, 6a.m. climb out of bed, and then quickly rushed to get eewen and sent her to KL Sentral.
Honestly speaking, the time passed supper fast until we reached KL Sentral and dropped eewen off to catch her train back to Butterworth. At that very moment we hugged, the time slowed down.........

I Miss You. T.T

The other part of the day was boring. Till evening, when my dad came back from WBC (World Buddhist Conference) in KL, and after dinner too, we went down to Shah Alam to pick up my Grandmum. =)
Now she's in my house and I think she's gonna stay for 2 weeks or so. YAY! Yummy GRANDMUM Home Cooked FOOD! THanks Grandmum in Advance! xDD

P/s: Grandma - My Dad's Mother, Grandmum - My Mum's Mother 

So well, tomorrow will be a big day. maybe a long one. working tomorrow! YAY! in a few ways. Noo~ in another way. This is how I feel now...

1. If I go to work, I'll get salary. YAY!
2. If I go to work, I'm doing something useful and not wasting my holidays. YAY!
3. If I go to work, I'll gain more experience. YAY!

1. If I go to work, I'll have to work for 12 damn long hours. BOO~
2. If I go to work, I'll have less freedom to enjoy and relax during my holidays. BOO~
3. If I go to work, I'll have to be more responsible, wake up in the morning early, sleep early at night. etc etc.. BOO~ 

I want to. and I have decided.

so CIAO~

Signing Off,
12:51 a.m.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well. 922 is quite someday.

The next day of today would be my day. Sorry if you're confused.
haha. Its my sister birthday anyway.
When the clock struck 12. i went knocking on her door.
Then I opened and saw that she was hiding under her blanket. but from the angle of me standing at my door, i can see that her phone was moving. so i guessed she haven't sleep.
So I said, ei, so early sleep liao? your birthday la wei. wake up for awhile. got something to show you.
then she drag herself up from the bed, slowly walked towards my room. i took her blanket, covered it over her head and then passed her her birthday present. =)

She was under the blanket of course, and I asked her to take her hands out to hold the new bag she had been wishing for. LOL. Then she started going OH MY GOD. like so many times. ==''
But she remained under her blanket and saying her OH MY GOD and not opening the present. LOL.

So I said, take off the blanket and open and see la. My brother was sleeping like a log down there. lolz.
I tried calling him, he did not woke up. *Sighs*
Waaaaa. I quickly took my camera to record video of her opening up the present. she then changed her OH MY GAWD to WALAO WEH. and suddenly said, really or not? Or (this bag) for you one?

She then said thank you. and wanted to hugged me. i quickly ran away. I guess i was shy. >w<''

anyways, we then went knocking on my parents door. reporting to them that it was thier daughters birthday. mum was asleep and dad was reading e-book. lolz.

quickly i went to facebook to gratz the others who was having birthday on this day.

=) mine's tomorrow. but i have to celebrate it with a exam. Nahhhhh, used to it already. no hard feelings sam. =))

thats all,
So much of the enjoyment of giving people gifts. hahas.

Jean, Sweet 14 Birthday to you.

Signing Off,
12:17 a.m.

Monday, September 20, 2010

hallo. another blog without title. This morning, i was woken up 3 times before i actually woke up. =x So, do the usual stuff and then go downstairs.
When i went downstairs, i looked around for my sister. she was missing. then i thought.. oh she went for piano lessons. so i just do my normal stuff and then got ready to go to eewen's house for revision. Suddenly, from far away i heard my sister walking back home. I wanted to make a surprise, so i clicked my auto gate remote control and opened two gates to welcome her. but she wasn't surprise after all. haha. failed ==z.

So now im back at OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE again ==''
but this time, my dear promised to so called *BELANJA* me. hopefully when the bill comes, i dont need to take out my wallet. xDD

Signing Off,
12:19 PM

P/s : is quite hard to write a blog for half a day. im still on-the-way to writing an awesome blog which can attract people to come and read. ><''
Apology to those who feel dissapointed.
Hah. finally tried to put an empty title.

I have something in mind. its big.

Its cool, quite romantic but I'm gonna keep a secret.

eewen, thanks for visiting this blog often. I'll think of something to change some design or stuff like that.


Signing Off,

Thursday, June 3, 2010


dont know how to start. dont know how to end.

now i'mma in the class for info sys.
lecturer haven't come in. and u know what. the environment of the ICT lab in sg long is awesome. roar!
computer is new. 1 thing and internet is smooth and silky.

i was pointed a gun by eewen asking me to write out the blog on how we met each other.
i am currently still thinking whether should i write it here. danger wor. =(

i'll come out with words which aren't so dangerous la. ok?

promise to write it tonight.

signing off,
8.00 am 3/06/10

Monday, May 31, 2010

abcdefg. whats next?

Was forced to write blog again. but nvm.. it feels cool to express personal thoughts.

here i go... = )

31st may 2010. Its the first day for me starting classes in UTAR Sg. Long Campus.
Hah. 1 month of holiday, i think its already enough.
Keep my heart of wanting to relax and play already.
Serious Work Has To Be Done!


It has been years! i've waken up so early. as early as 6.30. how to do that everyday wor..
but no problem. haha. got motivation. by someone! =X

got up my dad's car without wearing shoes or socks, with a piece of bread in my mouth.
luckily i still can swallow the bread. LOL.

overally, haha.. the whole day was fun and interesting.
It started when i waited for eewen at Station 1 Cafe Sg Long till she roll finish her bed and stuff and finally wake up *thank god* to come down stairs for class.

class starts as early as 8am. but 7am, i was at my destination already. = ~ =''
never mind that. 8am sharp i went up to my designated classroom, but when i exited the lift together with eewen, it was total darkness. *means nobody there yet lah*!

so we decided to go to M'th FLoor, DSA office. Worst. *BO LANG*
gahahahaha.. stared into the air. blank.

waited waited and waited. go into the class. met lecturer. bla bla. lolz.
2nd class was fast. lecturer came in. talk abit. then walked out. that means dismiss for us.

how to continue.. lemme think.

Had early Breakfast+Lunch = Branch
then slacked around... till 12.30 (the next class)
hahaz. in between something awesome happened. but not going to say out. keep it to myself.LOL!

then go for another class. so sien. management principle. lol. lecturer really scare us with all the coursework marks and mid term marks la. super sien. ==''

I know la. i will have to work hard la. keep scare people later phobia baru tau. =(

ahhh... first day in UTAR ended after the tutorial class. lol.
Seriously looking forward to tomorrow's class. lecture neh! in a lecture room. no more DDK EDK FDK lOL!

Then suddenly rained wor. super super heavy. Some wind just blow these clouds over.

and also, i pei my dar dar go to jusco buy swimming suit. haha. and became 50% shareholder. =)

nice lar.

tired liao. lazy say much.

signing off,
10.28 p.m. 31st May 2010.
(need to sleep to wake up 7.30 tomorrow la)
paiseh paiseh.